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These are songs from our album Mind Made Cures.

A Little Wonder
Miracle Camikini
Ode to an Indian


This is a song that we wrote after we finished the album. Here is a video of it from Breezy's.
Charismatic Charm

In late June, Boston Alley asked us to play with them at Dakota's. We have a newer song here for download.
A Little Wonder

In June we also played with Cortez del Mar at Breezy's. Here we have a video from that gig.
Little Billy

We played a show on 05/28/04 at a house party; here are two videos from that gig:

The District Sleeps Alone Tonight (A Postal Service Cover)
The Smokes

Here is a video of our guitarist/vocalist Michael Donahoe tearing it up on the guitar during the
recording of "Two Days from Sorrow." Sweet....

Michael Donahoe in the studio

Ever wondered what it would be like to witness a Leda Swan band practice? Check this video to find out...

Miracle Camikini at band practice


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